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Oxford Flight Training
288 Christian Street Waterbury-Oxford Airport Oxford, CT 06478



Company Description

Oxford Flight Training is a Flight Training and Maintenance facility serving Northeast, Southeast United States and Canada. Our FAA certified aircraft are meticulously maintained and piloted by experienced crewmembers.

Corporate customers choose Oxford for our professional executive flight service for all aspects of air travel from beginning to end. Consult with our experienced office personnel who will arrange all accommodations including ground transportation, catering, hotels and car rentals enabling customers complete, hassle free enjoyable service.

We also provide quality flight instruction at an affordable price and in as little as three months someone with no experience can be a licensed pilot. Our team of experience flight instructors and commercial pilots will coach you through your training, so ultimately you can become a proficient and safe pilot. When you give us a call at 203-262-8104 you will be amazed at how little it will cost to be up and flying.

If you are an aircraft owner or operator we provide the best tech support and aircraft maintenance you can find. We will also sit down with you, at no cost, and help you determine what the best airplane is for your needs.

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